Standard Home Cleaning Service Plan

We provide these services each time we clean your home

Bathroom/ Powder Room

• Tile walls, bathtubs and showers cleaned/disinfected.
• Shower doors 
• Vanity and sink cleaned/disinfected.
• Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and polished.
• Floors vacuumed, washed and disinfected.
• Commode/bidet cleaned and disinfected.
• Mildew chemically removed.
• Cobwebs removed.

Kitchen/Dinnette Area

.General dusting. Cobwebs removed   • Counter tops cleaned and disinfected • Microwave cleaned inside and out   • Exterior range hood cleaned • Top and front of range de-greased, cleaned   • Sinks cleaned/disinfected and chrome polished • Fronts of all appliances cleaned • Cabinetry cleaned top-to-bottom • Floors vacuumed and wet mopped •

Sleeping and Living Areas

  • Cobwebs removed   • Picture frames dusted • Mirrors cleaned and polished   • Cabinetry, bookshelves and furniture dusted/cleaned • Electronics dusted   • Knick-knack collections dusted   • Intricate items dusted • Window sills/ledges dusted • All flat surfaces damp cloth dusted     • Wood floors vacuumed and dust-mopped. • All readily accessible floors and carpets vacuumed   • Stairs, carpets and throw rugs vacuumed. . Tile floors moped

In addition to the services provided each time, we’ll provide these additional services on a customized, rotating basis. Only For Our clients on regular re-occurring weekly, bi-weekly .For other scheduled cleaning we recommend Deep Cleaning or Standard Cleaning with Extras
All accessible Areas
  • Doors and frames spot-cleaned for fingermarks.   • Window sills and ledges damp wiped. • Knick-
knacks individually cleaned   • Lamps, lampshades individually cleaned   • Baseboards, radiators and trim wiped   • Upholstered furniture, pillows vacuumed   • Carpet edges vacuumed • Closet floors vacuumed.   • Areas under accessible furniture, planters vacuumed.• Shower door/ shower curtain given extra attention.• Tile wall/floor grouting scrubbed in all bathrooms
(additional charge)
laundry. changing bed linen
  • Mini-blinds dusted • Ceiling fans dusted • Fireplace mantels detailed  • Stairway railings detailed • Granite and marble surfaces polished.  • Interior of range hood cleaned • Grease filter cleaned  • Refrigerator interior• inside oven and racks cleaned .inside closets or cabinets cleaning and organizing